Pierce College’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Teaching application is now online! This is a big step in creating an application process that is accessible for all prospective students; however, once you begin your online application, you are unable to save your progress and return at a later time. This document serves as a guide to help you prepare to complete and submit your application in one sitting. Included are the prompts for required essay/written response submissions as well as descriptions for other information to be included in your application.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the online application format or its contents, please email teaching@pierce.ctc.edu.

Download a PDF version of these instructions

Section 1

ctcLink ID

If you do not already have a ctcLink ID, go to apply to Pierce College online. Enter the your ctcLink ID number in the BAS-T application to continue.

Section 2

Personal Information

Have your personal information ready and available to include in this section. Personal information includes: your name, address, phone number, personal email address, student status, and current employer information.

Section 3

College Enrollment History

Be prepared to answer all questions related to your college enrollment history, including the names of all colleges attended. NOTE: list all colleges attended regardless of whether you earned a degree from that institution or not. All enrollment history must be verified by transcript.

Section 4

Official College Transcripts

Please submit official transcripts from all institutions previously attended (excluding Pierce College). You can do so by requesting electronic transcripts be submitted to Pierce College through Parchment, if the institution participates with that service, or by requesting official transcripts be mailed in original sealed envelopes to: Pierce College Education Programs, ATTN: BAS-T, 9401 Farwest Drive SW, Lakewood WA 98498.

Section 5

Test Scores

Washington State Administrative Code (WAC) requires that all students enrolled in Teacher Preparation Programs attempt the three West-B tests (Reading, Writing and Math) or the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the SAT or ACT test. Please indicate how you have met this requirement for each subject area on your application, including the test you took for each subject area, the score you received, and the date of the test. FOR ANY TESTS YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED, please list the anticipated test date.

Section 6

Work Experience

List all employment and volunteer experience working with children, birth through third-grade. For each position, write (1) position/title, (2) age group(s) taught, (3) dates of employment, and (4) place of employment, separated by commas. For example: Teaching Assistant, 6 months old-5 years old, 6/1/2016-9/30/2018, Sunrise Daycare. This section has fields to input the past five positions you’ve held working with children. Please be sure to prioritize your most recent experiences.

There is a large field to paste your current resume without document formatting. Copy and paste your resume into the field and then submit a formatted resume in PDF or .docx file format to teaching@pierce.ctc.edu.

Section 7

Demographic Reporting Information

This section is for demographic reporting to the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board. It will be removed prior to the application being given to the admissions committee. Your assistance in providing this information is appreciated.

Section 8

Cohort Options

We have two different cohort models. Students who begin in summer quarter will attend five quarters of part-time classes and begin the fall residency immediately following summer coursework. Students who begin fall quarter will attend three quarters of full-time classes with a summer break before residency begins in fall.

This section provides a tentative schedule for each cohort and asks that you indicate which cohort you are applying for.

Section 9

Personal Essay

The following prompt is given for the personal essay component of the BAS-T application:

Our program has, at its heart, a core theme of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). The program’s guiding framework is Pedagogical Content Knowing, which was developed by Cochran, DeRuiter, & King (1993):

In this framework, pedagogical content knowing both influences and is influenced by:

  1. Knowledge of the subject matter – In P-3, we teach all the subjects: math, English language arts, science, social studies, the arts, and health-fitness. Effective teachers must be generalists and know more about the subject than what they are teaching.
  2. Knowledge of pedagogy – Teaching is both an art and a science. Effective teachers need to study teaching and learning.
  3. Knowledge of environmental context – Different communities, neighborhoods, and schools have different cultures. Effective teachers need to understand where they are teaching.
  4. Knowledge of students – At the end of the day, we don’t teach subjects, we teach students. Effective teachers must understand each individual student they are teaching.

Thinking about the core theme of EDI, framework of PCKg, and your own lived experience, in 500 words or less, provide a compelling response to the following question in essay format:

What do I bring to the program in each of the four areas and how will I continue to grow in them all?

The section provides a field to type or paste your essay response. It is encouraged that you write your response in a word processor (Microsoft Word, etc.) and utilize editing tools such as Spell Check, Grammar Check, etc. as well as the Word Count function to ensure your response is 500 words or less.

Section 10

Response to Parent Email

The following prompt is given for the parent email response component of the BAS-T application:

Please respond to one of the following parent’s email messages as if you were their child’s teacher. You only need to respond to either A or B.


Hello, I am the parent of Alisson. I am emailing you in regards to the activity that Aly brought home this week. It was a coloring worksheet with pilgrims and Indians. Also, there was a craft done where students made a feather headband, pilgrim hats, and the Mayflower. As you may not be aware of, our family is of Native American heritage and are Puyallup tribal members. It is very disturbing to me to hear how you have taught the children about Thanksgiving, pilgrims, and Indians in your class this week. You addressed my family’s heritage in the past tense. We are still here! Please tell your plan to deal with situation.


Hello, My name is Lorinda Johnson and I am the parent of DaMarcus Johnson. I am emailing you about an incident that happened on the playground that Damarcus shared with me last night when he came home. Children were asking Damarcus how it felt to be a slave and asking him if he was beaten as a Black person. Damarcus shared that lately, as one of the few children of color in the school, he has been feeling very isolated and targeted amongst his classmates. It seems to me that this situation keeps getting ignored by staff. How are you going to support him and make this right?

The section provides a field to type or paste your response. It is encouraged that you write your response in a word processor (Microsoft Word, etc.) and utilize editing tools such as spell check, grammar check, etc.

Section 11

Professional and/or Academic References

Applicants must submit three (3) Professional and/or Academic Reference Forms. Two (2) of the three (3) references should be from current supervisors or others who have formally evaluated your work. Please ask those providing a reference to email the form to teaching@pierce.ctc.edu.

Section 12

Acknowledgement and Signature

This section is asking you to acknowledge the following:

“I certify to the best of my knowledge that all statements on this form are true. I authorize Pierce College to make an investigation of any personal, educational, vocational, or employment history. I further authorize any current or former employer, person, firm, or agency to provide Pierce College with any information they have regarding my suitability for the teaching profession. I hereby release and discharge Pierce College and those who provide information from any and all liability as a result of furnishing and receiving this information. I further agree that falsification of any part of this application, including any accompanying documents, shall be sufficient cause for dismissal from the program.”

By selecting the "I Accept" button, you are signing the acknowledgement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on the acknowledgement.

Section 13

Referral Information

Please share how you heard about the BAS-T program at Pierce College; this helps us to accurately support and reach applicants in meaningful ways across all areas listed.