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Transferring from Pierce College at JBLM

Transferring out of Pierce College can be both exhilarating and confusing. How do you do it? Where do you start? Start by looking through these steps.

  1. Start Early. Doing research early will alleviate some of the stress associated with transferring. Create a timeline for yourself to follow.
  2. Research Majors/Careers. This is an important step in your education. Work with an advisor or counselor to narrow your areas of interest. It is important to know what you will want to major in so that you can narrow your choices of transfer institutions. The major and transfer institution may also affect the courses your advisor recommends for you at Pierce College.
  3. Begin looking at the requirements of some of the institutions you are interested in transferring to. Most schools will have an area of their website dedicated to transfer students. You may find this under the admissions area, advising area or academic area. This area of the website will frequently give you a checklist of items required to transfer as well as deadlines.
  4. Keep your grades up. Transfer institutions will have a minimum GPA requirement to transfer in. Make sure you focus on your classes at Pierce to ensure success in your future education.
  5. Don't miss the deadlines. The deadlines for transfer institutions may be earlier than you think, so make sure you are following your timeline.
  6. Work with your advisor. Be sure to share your goals with your Pierce College advisor so that they can help guide you through the transfer process.

The Pierce College Transfer Guide will help you to navigate websites, use key words to find the information you need, and will link you directly to admissions pages of many Washington schools.

Articulation Agreements

Pierce College has several articulation agreements with both local and national schools. These articulation agreements provide a smooth transition from Pierce College into the program of your choice. See an advisor for more details.