Every time we design a brochure, sponsor an event, issue a press release or just hand someone our business card, we are communicating the Pierce College image. When our name is put in front of the public, we are shaping both our reputation and our college’s identity. Clarity, consistency and coherency ensure that all our communication strengthens our brand.

These brand standards and other marketing and communication standards establish guidelines for properly using the college logo and images that constitute and influence our identity and our brand’s integrity.

The College Brand

It’s important that our brand—who we are and what we stand for—be presented to our various audiences in a positive, consistent manner. Those audiences include current and future students, alumni, faculty, college employees, and our community. Public perception of the college is built on the constant, repeated presentation of the brand. Wherever it appears—on a web page, business card, schedule, mailer, ad, brochure or billboard—the name in its various graphic manifestations represents the college.

Why Branding?

The following are Pierce College’s objectives for this brand identity program:

  • To build public awareness of the college and its services to all of our audiences.
  • To present the college as a united entity.
  • To create an appropriate visual style for the college — one that represents both the nature of our service to the community and our unique collegiate culture.

The College’s Identity Is More Than a Logo

We are very proud of our identity, and proud of what it represents in our faculty, staff and students. We ask that you, as an ambassador of the college, embrace it.

It Takes Time

Identity programs take time and commitment. It takes diligence to assure that the identity system is followed and applied correctly. However, by following the standards on this page, we will ultimately help those who come in contact with us, know us, and appreciate the quality education we provide to the community.

The College Name

The official name is, of course, “Pierce College.” Be sure to use the full name whenever referring to the college in print. This will avoid confusion with the many other “Pierces” in our county. Never use the initials “PC” when referring to the college. Avoid using hyphens or commas and never abbreviate Fort. 

Here are the proper ways to use the Pierce College name:

  • Pierce College
  • Pierce College District
  • Pierce College Fort Steilacoom
  • Pierce College Puyallup
  • Pierce College at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • Pierce College at JBLM
  • Pierce College at Graham

The Official Pierce College Colors

The official colors of Pierce College are maroon and gray and should be used whenever possible.

The official colors according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) are:

Pierce College maroon color swatch

PMS 202 Maroon

Pierce College grey color swatch

PMS Cool Gray 6 (or 40% black)

When Pantone Matching colors are not available, standard CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) printer inks can be used (such as a desktop printer) with the following formulas:

Pierce College maroon color swatch

C = 0, M = 100, Y = 65, K = 47

Pierce College grey color swatch

C = 5, M = 5, Y = 5, K = 35

For matching the colors on your computer or for video, use these RGB (Red, Green, Blue) formulas:

Pierce College maroon color swatch

R = 165, G = 29, B = 54

Pierce College grey color swatch

R = 167, G = 169, B = 172

For matching the colors for the web use these hex values:

Pierce College maroon color swatch


Pierce College grey color swatch


Secondary Colors

These secondary colors are used to enhance and support the official colors. They are not to be used in place of the official colors and should not be used on the college logo.

Secondary Pierce College color - Orange

C = 0, M = 50, Y = 100, K = 0; R = 247, G = 148, B = 29; #f7941d

Secondary Pierce College color - Yellow

C = 0, M = 25, Y = 100, K = 0; R = 255, G = 194, B = 14; #ffc20e

Secondary Pierce College color - Peach

C = 0, M = 20, Y = 39, K = 0; R = 254, G = 208, B = 160; #fed0a0

Secondary Pierce College color - Green

C = 50, M = 0, Y = 100, K = 0; R = 141, G = 198, B = 63; #8dc63f

Secondary Pierce College color - Sky Blue

C = 50, M = 0, Y = 12, K = 0; R = 117, G = 206, B = 222; #75cede

Secondary Pierce College color - Light Sky Blue

C = 24, M = 4, Y = 7, K = 0; R = 191, G = 220, B = 229; #bfdce5

Secondary Pierce College color - Blue/Green

C = 80, M = 10, Y = 45, K = 0; R = 0, G = 167, B = 157; #00a79d

Secondary Pierce College color - Light Blue/Green

C = 39, M = 5, Y = 22, K = 0; R = 155, G = 204, B = 200; #9bccc8

Pierce College Fonts for Print Design

We don't use the font used in the Pierce College logo in print design. If you need that font for way finding signage, please contact the Director of Marketing and Communications, Brian Benedetti,

Samples of the Pierce College Brand in Action

Marketing Print Sample - Bulletin Cover
Marketing Print Sample - Bulletin Points of Pride
Marketing Print Sample - Bulletin Non Credit Online Classes
Marketing Print Sample - Aspen Award Ad
Marketing Print Sample - Program Flyer
Marketing Print Sample - Enrollment Postcard
Marketing Print Sample - Graham Program Flyer
Marketing Print Sample - JBLM Bulletin Cover