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Business Cards

Notice (5/21/2024): Business card requests are no longer being processed in preparation for the close of the fiscal year. All business card requests received during this time will be processed beginning July 1, 2024.

Requests for business cards are taken at any time using the business card request form.

Please complete the form electronically, then open a Marketing and Communications Work Request. You can find the work request form under "Pierce College Apps" in Office 365.

Physical copies are not necessary. However, if you are not able to electronically submit a signed form, please notify Michelle Tate at and return two signed copies of this form to:

Marketing and Communications
Pierce College Puyallup

Costs for business cards are the responsibility of the requesting division or department. Prices are as follows (shipping included):

  • 250 - $39.00 (plus sales tax)
  • 500 - $59.00 (plus sales tax)
  • 750 - $78.98 (plus sales tax)
  • 1,000 - $99.00 (plus sales tax)

When completing the "Chartstring" section of the request form, please use the "Account – Operating Unit – Fund – Class – Account" budget chartstring format.

Cards are ordered through the Department of Enterprise Services in Olympia and are processed in about 10 working days after receiving your order.

*All standard business cards include the Pierce College mission statement on the back.

Sample Business Card (front and back)


front of business card


back of business card