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Paige Hoskins

paige hoskins

Student Engagement Coordinator

Hello, my name is Paige Hoskins. My position is Student Engagement Coordinator. My academic goal is to complete my second year at Pierce College and graduate in the spring with an associate degree in Political Science. After, I plan to transfer to the University of Washington in Seattle and finish with a bachelor’s degree from their Pre-Law program. I then plan to enroll in law school, hopefully being accepted into Harvard Law. When I have completed and have my law degree, I plan on becoming a federal prosecutor. My favorite ice cream is coffee because it was the only type of coffee I was allowed to have as a kid. My spirit animal would be a butterfly because they go through multiple changes in life and always emerge better than before, which is amazing, and I think they’re pretty.

Vanessa Garcia

vanessa garcia

Student Engagement Coordinator

My name is Vanessa Garcia. I am the Student Engagement Coordinator here at Pierce College. My academic goal is to get my associate degree, then transfer to a university to study film and journalism. My favorite ice cream is matcha green tea. My spirit animal would probably be a royal blue tang fish because a lot of people say my personality reminds them of “Dory” from “Finding Nemo.”


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