Student Government

Xavier Molina (Buddy)

xavier molina

ASPCP President

My name is Buddy Molina, and I am your ASPCP President. I am an untraditional student coming back to college. I am a history major and want to pursue a career in education. My favorite ice cream flavor is Tilllamook Birthday Cake, Celebrate every day! And my spirit animal has to be an orca; they are gentle, have a community and outgoing personalities.

Rosalie Masterjohn

rosalie masterjohn

Vice President of Clubs

Hello, my name is Rosalie Masterjohn and I am the 2019–2020 Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. I am pursuing my Associate of Science in Engineering at Pierce to then transfer to UW Seattle to get my BS of Environmental Engineering. My favorite ice cream is Nutty Coconut from Baskin-Robbins because my dad and I used to share a cup when I was little. And I love coconut and walnuts. I’m not sure about a spirit animal but I’d like to think that my Patronus is a goldfinch.

Leandru Willie

leandru willie

Legislative Senator

Hello, my name is Leandru and I am your Legislative Senator. I am currently pursuing an AA at Pierce with plans to transfer to the University of Washington. I do not have a favorite flavor of ice cream because I love all ice cream. My spirit animal is an otter because they are all about enjoying life and goofing around.

Dillon Conner

dillon conner

Student Advocacy Senator

Hi, my name is Dillon Conner, and I am your Student Advocacy Senator! My academic goal is to obtain my bachelors of Biochemical Engineering. My favorite ice cream is vanilla because it’s a classic and is delicious; vanilla also goes well with any toppings. My spirit animal is a tardigrade because I’m adaptive and durable.

Manjinder Sandhu

manjinder sandhu

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Senator

Hello, my name is Manjinder Sandhu, I am your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Senator. My academic goal is to have a 4.0 in all classes and eventually get into medical school. I would love to become a physician and help out in areas where medical aid is lacking. My favorite ice cream is Snickers because it tastes amazing and is a great treat while watching a show like a psych. My spirit animal is a lion because I can be stubborn when I need to be.

Meeting Schedule

Student Government

Student Government meetings are every Tuesday from 3–4 p.m in C210.

Student Council

The Student Council meets every other Thursday from 3–4 p.m in ADM 162.

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