Students walking by Pierce College Puyallup bookstore


Here at Pierce College, we believe in creating quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners to thrive in an evolving world. Student Life plays a huge role in making this mission possible.

Student Life enables students to connect to the college and play an integral part in student retention and student success. The programs and activities that we create and support help students develop the skills needed to succeed in college, the workplace and in society.

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Services We Provide

  • We know where a lot of the campus resources can be found.
  • We make the student ID cards, and if you lose it, there’s a good chance we have it.
  • We have a business center (phone, photocopies, local faxes).
  • We encourage, help out and administrate clubs and communities.
  • We have the equipment for the foosball, ping-pong and air hockey tables.
  • We hold events on campus.
  • We make and distribute student handbooks.
  • We have campus maps.
  • We have voter registration information.

So, look around, poke around, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues. Our office is in the College Center, Room 210, if you want to chat with us in person.

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