Library Classroom Policy

Library classrooms are primarily for scheduled library instruction. When classrooms are not being used for instructional purposes, they are available for quiet computer use for students, staff and faculty.

Classrooms may be scheduled by Pierce College library faculty and staff for the following:

  • Library instruction sessions, either by library or discipline faculty
  • Instructor/student, faculty and staff meetings
  • Media equipment use
  • Presentations or training sessions

General Guidelines

  • Food may be permitted for college meetings with approval of the library faculty scheduling the meeting. Loud discussions are prohibited in the classrooms. Users are required to clean up the room and return tables and chairs to original locations. Damage or misuse of rooms and/or equipment may result in loss of access.
  • Library staff are not responsible for personal items left unattended in classrooms. If items are left unattended for more than a short period of time, the items will be taken to campus security.
  • C402 (FS) is reserved for student use and library instruction and is not available for meetings or other non-instructional use.
  • L224 (PY) and C404 (FS) are available for non-instructional use from 1 p.m.-closing time.


  • Instructors may schedule library instruction at the reference desk or by phone (ext 8302 at Puyallup or ext 6555 at Fort Steilacoom) with minimum one week's notice. Please consider using computer labs for classroom space.
  • Staff and faculty may reserve rooms, based on availability of the classroom. For non-instructional use, please contact Beth Thoms at Puyallup (ext 8303) or Rachel Goon at Fort Steilacoom (ext 3779) within one week of your meeting. The library is unable to give more time in advance to schedule meetings. Student and faculty use for library instruction is the Library's highest priority and space and resources are limited.
  • Rooms are not intended for regular class meetings.
  • The reservation for the classroom is cancelled if the group does not show up within fifteen minutes of the reservation.
  • The individual who makes the reservation is responsible for room clean-up, including the removal of food, plates, etc. and returning equipment.

Dated: 6-15-2018