Library and Learning Resources – Pierce College Computer and Internet Acceptable Use

Computer and Internet use in the Pierce College Library is primarily for the purpose of furthering education and research for district students, faculty, and staff. All users must comply with the Computer Information Systems Resources (CISR) Acceptable Use Procedure. Users not complying with any portion of this policy will be asked to leave the workstation or the library. Repetitive infractions may result in a revocation of library privileges.

All computer users may use computing and networking technologies in the Library with the following restrictions:

  • The use is not for illegal acts under federal or state law.
  • The use does not result in commercial gain or private profit (other than allowable under College intellectual property policies).
  • The use does not violate federal or state laws or College policies on copyright and trademark or misappropriate or misuse the information/files of others.
  • If the use is personal or recreational, it does not prevent use by another College community member for college-related work.
  • Use for any purpose that monopolizes resources or uses excessive bandwidth for nonacademic use is not permitted.
  • Community member use of library computers is limited in order to prioritize students engaged in college-related work.

Revised: October 2023