Pierce College District Library Mobile Equipment Loan Policy – Employee

1. Statement of Purpose

The use of laptop computers and other mobile devices has grown tremendously giving users the opportunity to increase productivity, access data, and communicate effectively at anytime from anywhere. In order to support Pierce College District (PCD) employees outside the traditional fixed office environment and their work needs to the fullest capacity, mobile equipment is made available by PCD through the library. Equipment is for short term loan on a first come/first served basis for work related to college business only.

2. Supported Uses

Loaner equipment shall be used to support Pierce College business ONLY and is made available for the following:

  • PCD Business travel
  • Specific PCD work related assignments requiring mobile equipment or when no other computer or device is available
  • Campus Event/Seminar needs

3. Unsupported/Illegal Use

Equipment cannot be used for illegal, disruptive, unethical or unprofessional activities, for personal gain, or for any purpose that would jeopardize the interests of the PCD. Illegal use is actionable as outlined in, but not limited to, PCD ethics policies.

4. Program Parameters

  • Loaner equipment is available to all currently active PCD employees in good standing at the college, except student employees who have access to student technology fee equipment.
  • Checkout requires a valid Pierce EID card and a signed PCD Library Mobile Equipment Loan Agreement.
  • User support will be provided through IT’s normal assistance locations and operating hours.
  • IT will install a basic PCD image including the current, supported versions of office software and internet browsers, etc. but will not transfer data from user's machine or install special software or printer drivers on loaned equipment.
  • IT will maintain the equipment in good working order including updates, image reset and system cleanups, provide values for cost of replacement or repair, and scheduled replacement cycles in accordance with their current policies and procedures.
  • The Library will circulate the equipment, on a first come/first served basis during its normal operational hours in accordance with its current policies and procedures.
  • The borrower is responsible for securing the equipment while in their possession and its return in good working order on the agreed upon date. They are financially liable for any loss or damage, at current replacement value, for all or in part of any missing or damaged equipment.
  • Stolen or lost equipment must be reported to the Library and Campus Safety within 48 hours. Borrowers will assist in the recovery of the equipment and file all necessary reports and forms in compliance with the current policies and procedures for the PCD.
  • Failure to return the equipment or contact the library by the seventh day following the date due will be treated as theft under RCW9A.56.30 (theft in the third degree), RCW 9A.56.40 (theft in the second degree), or RCW 9A.56.50 (theft in the first degree) and reported by the Library to Campus Safety in accordance with their current reporting standards, policies and procedures. Campus Safety will report the theft to local law enforcement and take action to recover the equipment per PCD policies and procedures.


  1. Equipment is available on a first come/first served basis and reservations can be made up to one month in advance by calling or stopping by the library.
  2. Equipment checks out for a standard one week but due dates can be extended at the time of checkout as long as the equipment has not been reserved by another PCD employee.
  3. Employees must present a valid PCD EID card at the time of checkout and provide current contact information.
  4. The Mobile Equipment Loan Agreement must be signed annually, the information verified before each check out and updated when policy changes occur or there is a change in borrower information.
  5. The equipment must be returned on the assigned due date.
  6. Overdue notices will be generated one day and three days after the due date. On the seventh day overdue the library will submit an incident report to Campus Safety for theft/recovery in accordance with their established policy and procedures and/or other collection or disciplinary action by the college.

Safety and Usage

  1. Employees must login to the device using the campus Wi-Fi while on campus to insure their account is working so the device can function properly when off campus.
  2. Employees must follow the PCD policies regarding the use of technology and information resources. This includes the use of confidential and/or sensitive information.
  3. Employees should keep the equipment secure at all times while in their possession and adhere to PCD use policies that insure its electronic security as well. Please refer to CISR (Computer Information Systems Resources) Acceptable Use for additional information.
  4. Equipment should be kept in the carrying case provided by PCD. It should be treated as “carry on” and NEVER placed in checked baggage.
  5. Employees are financially liable for all damage or loss while the equipment is in their possession.
  6. Employees should remove all personal profiles, preferences and work data to insure safety and privacy and to prevent unintentional work product loss due to regularly scheduled maintenance and updating of the equipment.
  7. Report theft or loss within 48 hours to Campus Safety, the library and the local police if instructed.

Updates and Maintenance

  1. IT will install and maintain a basic PCD image which will include the current, supported versions of office software, internet browsers and security software.
  2. IT will provide help via its regular assistance services. It will not transfer data from the user's equipment, install special software or printer drivers or otherwise alter equipment to user’s personal preferences.
  3. IT will schedule updates, maintenance and repairs on a routine basis or when requested by the library using the established Help Desk process. However, borrowers are still responsible for deleting any personal information from the laptop before returning it to the library.
  4. IT will determine the cost of repair or replacement of missing or damaged equipment and coordinate with the library for the collection of fees via the College’s standard practices.

Theft, Loss and Recovery

  1. Borrower is responsible financially for the equipment while in their possession and must report it if lost or stolen to the library, and file an incident report with Campus Safety within 48 hours of the discovery.
  2. Borrowers will assist fully in recovery efforts and are likely to be required to also file a police report with the local authorities, which should include the equipment’s serial number, and submit a copy of the police report along with required reporting forms to Campus Safety.
  3. Equipment that is overdue by seven days will be assumed lost/stolen and the library will complete the necessary reports and submit them to Campus Safety for recovery and follow-up pursuant to theft provisions in RCW9A.56.30 (theft in the third degree-value less than $750), RCW 9A.56.40 (theft in the second degree-value $750-$5000) , or RCW 9A.56.50 (theft in the first degree-valued more than $5000) All information regarding theft and the appropriate forms can be found on the Campus Safety web page.

Dated: 5-15-2018

Download a PDF of this policy and the Mobile Equipment Loan Agreement.