Privacy of Library Records

Pierce College Library provides access to its own and other libraries’ catalogs, online databases and the Internet. Access and use of these information resources are primary services of the
library and will be governed by the same principles and laws that govern access and use of other resources in the Pierce College library.

These principles and laws pertain to accessing and using electronic resources via computers within the library, computers housed elsewhere at Pierce College and access from remote

To help fulfill its purpose, the library will adhere to the following principles and laws:

Intellectual Freedom

This is the right of individuals to believe what they wish on any subject, and to express beliefs or ideas openly. Integral to this freedom is the right of unrestrained access to all information and
ideas regardless of the medium of communications used. Pierce College shall attempt to present a broad spectrum of points of view and shall not exclude materials because of the race,
nationality, sexual preference, or social, political, or religious views of the authors.

Confidentiality of Records

RCW 42.17.310 provides for the confidentiality of library records.

Maintenance of Protected Records

Library records will be retained only to the extent necessary to conduct the business of the library/college, such as tracking overdue materials or managing the efficient functioning of the
workstation or the network.

Release of Protected Records

RCW 42.56.550 provides for the release of protected records by the superior court.

Reviewed: October 2023