Library Study Room Policy

Five study rooms are available in the Fort Steilacoom library and four study rooms are available in the Puyallup library for groups of students, faculty or staff to gather and work together. Reservations can be made at the library's circulation counter.

General Guidelines

  • Study rooms may be scheduled by Pierce College students, Central Washington at Pierce College students, faculty and staff for the following:
    • Course-related research, study and discussion
    • Media equipment use
    • Presentation, speech and sign language practice
    • Instructor/student, faculty and staff meetings
  • Exceptions to the uses described above must be approved by the Circulation Supervisor.
  • Individuals who desire a silent study environment should use the quiet study area.
  • Eating and loud discussion are prohibited in the study rooms. Users are required to clean up the room and return equipment.
  • Library staff are not responsible for personal items left unattended in group study rooms. If items are left unattended for more than a short period of time, the items will be taken to campus security.

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Students, faculty and staff may schedule rooms at the Circulation Desk.
  • Rooms may be scheduled by students within a 24 hour period. Faculty and staff my schedule rooms at any time within a current quarter.
  • Student reservations are limited to one 2-hour block per day. Additional hours may be permitted with approval by the Circulation Supervisor.
  • The reservation for a study room is cancelled if the group does not show up within fifteen minutes of the reservation.
  • The individual who makes the reservation is responsible for room clean-up and return of equipment.

Dated: 6-15-2018