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First Name Last Name Sort descending Job Title Department Site Office Location Staff Email Address Phone
Sarah Backus Adjunct Dental Hygiene Fort Steilacoom FS/GLA220 SBackus@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5589 Full Profile
Sheri Badger Adjunct Faculty Health & Tech SBadger@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 6194 Full Profile
Abigail Bae Program Specialist 3 Outreach Puyallup PUY/Portable ABae@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8342 Full Profile
Euna Bae Adjunct Faculty Transitional Education Puyallup PUY/ADM102 EBae@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8891 Full Profile
Halima Bah Peer Tutor Tutoring Center CTR 170 HBah@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
John Bailey Adjunct Faculty Construction Management/ Health & Technology JBailey@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
YuVonne Bailey-Navarrette EMS Program Director Allied Health and Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/SNR118 YBailey@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6649 Full Profile
Gary Baker STAT Member Library Services Fort Steilacoom FS/OLY301 GBaker@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5326 Full Profile
Brandon Baker Lab Tech EMS Fort Steilacoom FS/SNR118 BBaker@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5985 Full Profile
Diana Baker Job Connections Manager Workforce Development Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS300C Welcome Center DBaker@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3641 Full Profile
Yessica Balderrama STAT Member Library Services CTR 272 YBalderrama@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8523 Full Profile
Michael Baldwin PT Instructor Science and Technology Division Fort Lewis FTL/B145 MBaldwin@pierce.ctc.edu 253-564-0131 Full Profile
Samantha Bales Writing Tutor Writing Center LSC 207 SBales@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Laura Baltz Adjunct Faculty Business and Social Science Puyallup PUY/ADM102 LBaltz@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8830 Full Profile
Vincent Bander Assistant Adjunct Faculty Natural & Social Science - Mathematics Puyallup PUY/C190J VBander@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8527 Full Profile
Valerie Barabe Para-educator Instructor (Non Credit) - Bethel SD Workforce, Economic and Professional Development VBarabe@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Anna Barbee Private Instructor Music Puyallup PUY/ADM102B ABarbee@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8758 Full Profile
Imelda Bardos Program Specialist Learning and Student Success Puyallup PY/ADM163 IBardos@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2356 Full Profile
Jo Ann Baria Vice President Workforce, Economic and Professional Development Workforce Education Fort Steilacoom FS/C374 & PY/A100C JBaria@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6640 Full Profile
Shirley Barr-Williams PT Anthropology Instructor Business and Social Science Puyallup PUY/L150 SBarr-Williams@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8529 Full Profile
Emily Barrett STAT Member Library Services CTR 272 EBarrett@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8540 Full Profile
Samantha Barros Financial Aid Program Specialist 3 Learning & Student Success Admin 119 SBarros@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8459 Full Profile
Stephanie Bartella Program Coordinator Records & Registration Records & Registration Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS303 SBartella@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2333 Full Profile
Cindy Bassage Program Specialist 2 Criminal Justice Fort Steilacoom FS/C382 CBassage@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3675 Full Profile
Kathy Bassett Professor Dental Hygiene Fort Steilacoom FS/GLA222 KBassett@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6578 Full Profile
Cheryl Batschi Executive Assistant to the President President's Office Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS372 CBatschi@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6533 Full Profile
Bryce Battisti Adjunct Faculty Military Programs MIL/FTL B145 BBattisti@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Ferdinand Bautista Lab Tech EMS/Health Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/SNR118 FBautista@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 6003 Full Profile
Beth Bayer Adjunct Faculty Business and Social Science Fort Steilacoom FS/OLY 108 BBayer@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5673 Full Profile
Jim Baylor HSEM Internship Program Faculty Homeland Security & Emergency Management Fort Steilacoom FS/IH100 JBaylor@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Carol Beatty ECE2 Puyallup/Student Services Fort Steilacoom FS/M107 CBeatty@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3681 Full Profile
Chad Bemis Associate Professor Math Fort Steilacoom FS/RAI350 CBemis@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6707 Full Profile
Kelly Benson Interim Executive Director JBLM Administration Stone Education Center/B145 KBenson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6716 Full Profile
Ilder Betancourt Lopez Vice President Learning and Student Success Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS377 IBetancourtLopez@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6584 Full Profile
David Bilbrey Network Security Specialist Information Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS271 DBilbrey@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2224 Full Profile
Bernadette Blakeney Student Success Coach Advising / Student Success Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS301 BBlakeney@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6362 Full Profile
Kwicha Blenman Custodian 1 Facilities Fort Steilacoom FS/C245 KBlenman@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 6185 Full Profile
Ciaran Bloomer Professor, Computer Network Engineering Health and Technology Puyallup PUY/CTR190K CBloomer@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8387 Full Profile
Aaron Bluitt Assistant Professor, Reference & Instruction Librarian Library Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS406A ABluitt@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6297 Full Profile
Angela Blums Associate Professor Business & Social Sciences – Education Programs Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS520 ABlums@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2309 Full Profile
Jessica Bodas Budget Analyst 3 Finance Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS214 JBodas@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6781 Full Profile
Christine Boiter Executive Assistant President's Office Puyallup PUY/A100 CBoiter@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8417 Full Profile
Eman Boktor Peer Tutor - Intern Math Center CTR 170 EBoktor@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Diana Bonareri Peer Tutor Tutoring CTR 170 DBonareri@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Melissa Boos PT Faculty Nursing AAH 243 MBoos@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Lenora Borchardt Adjunct Faculty HSEM/ Health & Technology LBorchardt@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8516 Full Profile
Richard Boulware Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS384 RBoulware@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3653 Full Profile
Ashley Bowen Adjunct Faculty Biology ABowen@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Sandra Bowman Student Success Coach Student Success Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS301 SBowman@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6507 Full Profile
Lisa Boyd Trustee Board of Trustees CAS 373 LBoyd@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile