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First Name Last Name Sort descending Job Title Department Site Office Location Staff Email Address Phone
Natalya Jackson Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics/Natural Science Puyallup PUY/CTRC290B NJackson2@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8319 Full Profile
Hayden Jacobs Front Desk Health Education Center HEP H103 HJacobs@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Stewart Jaffe Math Professor Natural Science Division Puyallup PUY/C290L SJaffe@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8448 Full Profile
Trinity Jagod Maintenance Custodian Facilities and Operations CAS TJagod@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5129 Full Profile
Sylvia James Vice President for Administrative Services Finance Fort Steilacoom FS/C216 SJames@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6510 Full Profile
Rebecca Jarvis Student Success Coach Advising Puyallup PUY/ADM106 RJarvis@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3257 Full Profile
John Jay Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Fort Steilacoom FS/C250 JJay@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5146 Full Profile
Tamara Jefferson-Newman Peer Tutor Tutoring CTR 170 TJefferson-Newman@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Andrew Jeffery Adjunct Assistant Professor Arts and Humanities Puyallup PUY/C290J AJeffery@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8872 Full Profile
Way Jeng Associate professor English Puyallup PUY/A140 WJeng@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8354 Full Profile
Emily Jensen Student worker Writing Center CAS EJensen@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Binghang Jiang Tutor Math Center CTR 107 BJiang@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Ramon Jimenez Adjunct Faculty Business and Social Science Puyallup PUY/ADM102 RAJimenez@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8755 Full Profile
Betty Johnson Instructional and Classroom Support Tech 2 Business Information Technology Puyallup PUY/A133 BFJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6257 Full Profile
Carlie Johnson Instructor World Languages Puyallup PUY/ADM102B CJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8972 Full Profile
James Johnson Adjunct Assistant Professor JBLM Fort Lewis FTL/B145 JJohnsson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
James Johnson Adjunct Assistant Professor JBLM Fort Lewis FTL/B145 JJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Kathleen Johnson Assistant Professor of BIology Biology/Natural Sciences Puyallup PUY/L120 KJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3165 Full Profile
Marilee Johnson P/T Instructor Transitional Education Puyallup PUY/LSC139 MLJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8634 Full Profile
Deborah Johnson Adjunct Faculty Dental Hygiene/ Health & Technology DLJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
David Johnson Peer Tutor - Intern Math Center AAH 132 DJohnson2@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Brenea Johnson Embedded Math Specialist Computer Labs/Library Fort Steilacoom FS/RAI353 BJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6425 Full Profile
Miranda Johnson Program Coordinator for Enrollment Services Enrollment Services Puyallup PY/ADM115 MJohnson2@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8465 Full Profile
Robert Johnson Biology Professor Natural Science Division Fort Steilacoom FS/RAI222 RJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6791 Full Profile
JMarie Johnson Kola Interim Director of Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications Portable JJohnsonKola@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3236 Full Profile
Sonia Jones P/T Classroom Assistant Transitional Education Fort Steilacoom FS/C503 SCJones@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5487 Full Profile
Tonya Jones Admissions and Evaluations Program Coordinator Admissions and Evaluations Fort Steilacoom FS/C309 TJones@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3648 Full Profile
Jamie Jones Director of Educational Outcomes and Effectiveness Learning and Student Success Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS379 JMJones@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3665 Full Profile
Laneeka Jones Writing Tutor Writing Center LSC 207 LJones@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Stephen Jones Economics Professor Business and Social Science Puyallup PUY/CTR190A SJones@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8345 Full Profile
Heidi Jordan Adjunct Biology Natural Science Division Puyallup PUY/LSC121 HJordan@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8855 Full Profile
Gina Jordan Adjunct Faculty Health & Tech HEC GJordan@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Teresa Josten Adjunct Assistant Professor Arts and Humanities Puyallup PUY/C218 TJosten@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8509 Full Profile
Malaya Jove Student Tutoring Center CTR 170 MJove@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Stephanie Joy P/T Biology Instructor Puyallup/Natural & Social Science Puyallup PUY/C190J SJoy@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8676 Full Profile
Teresa Judd ABE-GED Instructor Puyallup-Transitional Ed Puyallup PUY/A159 TJudd@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8677 Full Profile
Breahnna Judge Mentor Teacher Early Childhood Education OLY 162 BJudge@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jason Junkens Adjunct App Tech/Allied Health Division FS JJunkens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5916 Full Profile
Jasmine Justice Program Coordinator EDI College Access, Retention and Engagement Services Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS301H JJustice@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2329 Full Profile