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First Name Last Name Job Title Department Site Office Location Sort descending Staff Email Address Phone
Antonio Taul Hourly Help District Athletics ATaul@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Kenneth Williams Early Childhood Teacher (Early Childhood Program Specialist 2) Garnero CDC Puyallup KWilliams@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8379 Full Profile
Jeantille Bonds Student Veterinary Technology JBonds@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jan Mickelson Libago Student employee Tutoring Center JLibago@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Allison Bauer Assistant Coach District Athletics ABauer@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Min Pak Assistant Professor of Digital Design Arts & Humanities Fort Steilacoom MPak@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2268 Full Profile
Gail Diprete Alternate Athletic Trainer District Athletics GDiprete@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
JMarie Johnson Kola Interim Director of Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications JJohnsonKola@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3236 Full Profile
Malaya Jove Student Tutoring Center MJove@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
James Walker Multimedia Facilitator Library Services JWalker@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5011 Full Profile
Winter French Peer Tutor Tutoring Center WFrench@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Benjamin Pedigo Hourly Applied Technology/Health BPedigo@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
James Long Assistant Coach Athletics Puyallup JLong@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8607 Full Profile
Reema Chakma Peer Tutor Tutoring Center RChakma@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Rosario Chichipan Arguello STAT Member Library Services Puyallup RChichipanArguello@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8526 Full Profile
Josiah Julagay Assistant Baseball Coach Athletics JJulagay@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Brienna Etheridge Library Aide Library Puyallup BEtheridge@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8546 Full Profile
Aryn Knutsen Assistant Softball Coach District Athletics AKnutsen@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Linda Fish FT Faculty Nursing LFish@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3102 Full Profile
Catherine Jensen Professional Writing Tutor Writing Center Puyallup CJensen@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8880 Full Profile
Dillon Lester Customer Service Cashiering DLester@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Vitaly Bravo Urrutia Campus Safety Officer (part-time) Campus Safety VBravoUrrutia@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Erica Jobe-Kirk Student Veterinary Tech EJobe-Kirk@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Xuan Liu Peer Tutor Academic Support/Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom XLiu@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5857 Full Profile
Jessica Johnson Student Library Services JRJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
E Phelps Assistant Professor of Sociology Business & Social Sciences EPhelps@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2341 Full Profile
Azaria Evans Enrollment and Outreach Specialist JBLM AEvans@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2244 Full Profile
Yubi Lojewski Student Success Coach Student Success at JBLM YLojewski@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2249 Full Profile
Justi Pfutzenreuter Program Specialist 3 Student Success Fort Steilacoom JPfutzenreuter@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3623 Full Profile
Meghan Arzola Lab Assistant EMS MArzola@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Reilly Heckenberg Peer Tutor Tutoring Center RHeckenberg@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Stephanie Quichocho Library Aide Library Services SQuichocho@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Kaya Anderson Student Athletics KMAnderson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Wallace Johnson Volunteer Continuing Education WJohnson@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Gabriella Craig Student Natural Science Division GCraig@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Cami Medlock Assistant Volleyball Coach Athletics Fort Steilacoom CMedlock@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5533 Full Profile
Hannah Lingenfelter Adjunct Faculty Transitional Education – English as a Second Language Fort Steilacoom HLingenfelter@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5765 Full Profile
Stephen Swortz Hourly Help District Athletics SSwortz@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Michael Oden Facilities Environment Specialist Resident Hall MOden@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Timothy Garlock Adjunct Faculty OSH/ Health & Tech TGarlock@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Adrian Milanio Program Manager A Nursing Department AMilanio@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3208 Full Profile
Amanda Qunitana Adjunct Faculty Health & Tech AQunitana@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Thao Lam Peer Tutor Academic Support/Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom TLam@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Aja Pound Program Specialist 3 Financial Aid Fort Steilacoom APound@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2285 Full Profile
Alicia Boyd STAT Library Services ABoyd@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5159 Full Profile
Judy Allen-Flynn Instructor Invista JAllenFlynn@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
John Santiago Peer Tutor - Intern Tutoring Center JSantiago@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Tyler Lum Office Help Center for Global Scholars TLum@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Stephanie Hoang Peer Tutor Tutoring Center SHoang@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jonathan Howard Instruction & Classroom Support Tech 2 Nursing Department Puyallup JHoward@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3218 Full Profile