Student logging in to canvas

Where to Go for Help

If you run into trouble when working in your online classroom, don’t worry — you have lots of resources at your fingertips! And as you consider the course instructor and other paths offered below, don’t forget to try some basics:

  • If you enrolled through Pierce College at JBLM, login at
  • If you can’t Log In, review the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page.
  • Upon login, if a link to a course is missing, use the "View all courses" link at the bottom of the Courses list. If a course is gray and the link inactive, the instructor has not yet released it to their students (or it was closed at the end of a past term). Contact the instructor: on campus at the initial in-person class meeting (unless fully online), using the eCampus Inbox, or sending a message to their Pierce email address found in the directory.
  • Carefully and thoroughly re-read directions.
  • Check with classmates to see if they have had similar issues and how they resolved them.
  • Check your eCampus classroom for an FAQ discussion area where you can discuss questions and answers, and collaborate to solve eCampus technical issues.
  • Select “Search the Canvas Guides” from the Help menu in the upper right corner of the eCampus screen.
  • Pay attention to announcements that appear on the first screen after logging in and messages sent by Pierce College eCampus — they will frequently alert you to planned upgrades, scheduled down times and system issues that could keep you from completing your course work on time.

Course Instructor

The course instructor is frequently the first point of contact when you have questions. Reach out using “Ask Your Instructor a Question” from the eCampus Help pop-up menu (in the upper right corner of the eCampus screen). This message goes to the eCampus Inbox, so look for a reply there. If you do not receive a prompt response, use the contact information in the course syllabus or the College phone directory. Instructors are the only ones who can officially address concerns with assignments or classroom activities.

Daytime eLearning Tech Help (Live) or | Phone: 253-964-6244

  • The eLearning staff can resolve account issues and help make sure your computer and web browser meet eCampus requirements. We are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • User issues are often related to a web browser. Use the latest version of Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome for the best results.
  • eL TechHelp staff also will analyze your reported issues to verify that eCampus is working as expected. They can open trouble tickets with Canvas Support and find temporary solutions while awaiting actual fixes.
  • eL TechHelp can work with registration data to correct missing courses and related enrollment problems.

Help Desk (Electronic)

  • For technical needs when using eCampus, select “Report a Problem” from the Help menu in the upper right corner of the eCampus screen. These messages go to the Pierce College eLearning staff who will work with you to resolve the issues. This is not a 24/7 support service, but you can expect a response early the next business day.
  • Watch for a message in your eCampus Inbox or from Pierce College eCampus in your Pierce email. These messages provide a link to the support ticket system and most likely ask important questions or suggest things to try.
  • For problems that are caused by programming or the eCampus cloud hosting services, eLearning will quickly pass your reported problems on to the vendor's Support center. You may get email or Inbox messages directly from them asking for more information or suggesting solutions.

eLearning Office | Phone: (253) 964-6244

  • Drop in at Fort Steilacoom, Cascade 322.
  • The eLearning office staff can help you define your issues, answer general questions about how eLearning works, speak to class schedule or procedural questions and give advice on the next steps for resolving general issues. They can help you communicate with faculty and connect with other departments of the college. If you are not getting the help you expect elsewhere, try the eLearning office. We are available during college open hours.


  • To ensure you can receive emails from your instructor, do the following:
    • Reset any pop-up blocker, or disable it during your classroom time.
    • Add your instructor and Pierce College eLearning to your email address book to avoid messages being sent to your junk or spam folder.
    • All students are given an official Pierce College email address — make sure you're set up and that you regularly check this inbox (more information at MyPierce)
  • If your login doesn't work, try the following:
    • Verify your enrollment in the class by checking your schedule at MyPierce. If you're not enrolled, immediately contact the Registration office to see if there is space available in the class.
    • Once you've verified enrollment, double-check protocol on the eCampus login page and try again.
    • If you forgot your password, use the "Don’t know your password?" link on the eCampus login screen. Enter your Pierce official email address when prompted, and eCampus will send you a link to use to reset the password.
  • If your course is not showing in the Courses list, or appears grayed out as a non-active link:
    • Click the "View all courses" courses link at the bottom of the Courses list. Course titles with a hammer icon have not yet been released for viewing by students. This may routinely be the case for in-person classes that are using the eCampus as an enhancement or informational resource in case of an college closures and emergencies.
    • Contact the instructor to determine how they plan to use the classroom.
    • If the course you expect to see is not showing when viewing all courses, verify your enrollment in the class by checking your schedule at MyPierce. If you're not enrolled, immediately contact the Registration office to see if there is space available in the class.
    • Once enrollment is verified, make sure you are logging in at the correct system. Pierce College at JBLM courses use
    • If you take courses in a program like Occupational Safety and Health, which are shared with another college, you will find redirect information in the classroom at the Pierce eCampus. At this time, you will typically need to login directly at the other college’s Canvas site using login credentials based on their protocol.
  • If you're still unable to login or see an expected course after these troubleshooting steps:
    • Use the "Report a Problem" option from the eCampus Help menu (below the red graphic on the login page or in the upper right corner of the eCampus screen when logged in).
    • To speed up our support effort, provide your Pierce College student ID number, your name, the courses you are taking and the name or Web address of the online system you're trying to log in to when submitting a Help Center ticket.
    • If you still need help, contact the eLearning office, or (253) 964-6244.