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Please contact the service provider to verify information as some services may have alternate hours and/or offerings at this time.

Do you need a lawyer?

Are you low-income and need legal help?

  • Tacoma Pro Bono — Helps with civil legal issues in Pierce County when you cannot afford to hire an attorney. You do not have to be a Pierce County resident to get help with your case.
  • Northwest Justice Project CLEAR Project — For low income clients; no criminal law or personal injury, but can give a referral.
  • Washington Law Help — A nonprofit organization offering low-cost legal assistance in civil (non-criminal) legal matters.

Are you or a family member detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma?

Are you or a family member a victim of domestic violence?

  • Pierce College Title IX Office - Title IX is a federal law which prohibits discrimination in education based upon gender, which includes relationship violence. If your abuser is also a Pierce College student or employee, we may be able to help. Even if your abuser is not a Pierce College student or employee, we are able to offer you support, resources, and take measures to increase your safety on campus.  To learn more about Title IX or to make a complaint against a student or employee please visit our website.
  • Crystal Judson Family Justice Center - Assistance for victims and children of domestic violence through comprehensive victim services. Located in Pierce County, but offers a variety of services and supports for anyone fleeing from a domestic violence situation.
  • YWCA Pierce County - Assistance to survivors of domestic violence and their children. All survivors are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Pierce County Domestic Violence Helpline
    • Phone: 253-798-4166 and 800-764-2420
  • DAWN - DAWN supports, empowers, and shelters survivors of domestic abuse in South King County and helps to keep us all safe by educating our community to respond to and prevent violence.

Have you or someone you know experienced sexual assault?

  • Rebuilding Hope, the Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County
    • 24-Hour Crisis Line: 253-474-7273
    • Website: Rebuilding Hope
    • Address: 101 E. 26th St. Suite 200, Tacoma, WA 98421

Are you an immigrant or refugee and need legal assistance?

Are you an undocumented student and need to know your rights?

Are you an undocumented student and need to prepare for an ICE or police raid?

Are you reentering into the community from prison after incarceration?

  • Washington State Department of Corrections Reentry into the Community — Includes links and info about firearms, explosives, and ammunition possession; voting rights; and other resources.
  • New Connections — Helps people successfully re-enter the community after incarceration.
  • Community Partnership for Transition Services (CPTS) — A collection of agencies and individuals that work together to support successful transitions for people returning to our communities after incarceration.

Do you need help with your taxes?